valuation of damage after a car accident in Germany

valuation of damage after a car accident in Germany

What to do after a traffic accident, a collision in Germany to receive quickly full compensation from the German insurance company with the perpetrator’s vehicle insurance.


As soon as possible after dealing with formalities related to a traffic accident in Germany, you should also contact a selected car appraiser or professional lawyer (e.g. from the MOTOEXPERT network – tel. +49 160 338 833), who will deal with reporting damage, assessing the damage to the vehicle and starting a liquidation procedure aiming at to pay full accident compensation to the injured party.

WARNING! For the injured party, the costs of the services of an independent German appraiser MOTOEXPERT and a lawyer fall under the scope of German motor damage and are covered by the insurance company of the perpetrator of the event or reimbursed to the injured party.

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